This Yamazaki Store building went through a renovation a few years ago and, instead of taking down Invader’s mosaic, they actually painted the building matching his colors by using green windows and the same bege in the walls. Invader is a very popular French urban artist, well known for his ceramic tile pixelated mosaics usually inspired on video games or aliens from the 70’s arcade game, Space Invader, like the one at the Yamazaki store. It is always funny to find Invader’s mosaics throughout cities and, to find one of his aliens, inside a wine bottle in a Wine Store makes it even better.

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Patty Narozny spearheads with Jim Sobczak this 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization with a laser focus on her mission: enrich the community through the power of art. With a unique background in corporate finance and as the former sales director for NBC’s affiliate outlet in Detroit, she is dedicated to removing the barriers that prevent artists from selling directly to patrons and collectors. Utilizing her extensive experience in media relations, Patty brings national attention to the multitude of open air shows and competitions that her non-profit organizes. Reaching a hugely diverse audience, IA&E encourages artistic expression in each community it touches.

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Legendary photojournalist Martha Cooper hardly needs an introduction. Since the 1970’s she has documented the meteoric rise of graffiti into the street art phenomenon it has become today. Her best-selling book, Subway Art, remains the unofficial graffiti “bible” and served as inspiration to iconic artists such as Shepard Fairey and OSGEMEOS. Even now in her late 70’s Ms. Cooper radiates a youthful enthusiasm and continues documenting the evolution of street art in NYC and beyond. She is currently with an exhibition highlighting her work at the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin. Like her Instagram says: still snappin’. @marthacoopergram

Inside the Mind of Martha Cooper, Iconic NY Street Photographer & Graffiti Documentarian

Martha Cooper – Urban Nation

City Play: Martha Cooper's New York

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