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Pedro Rajāo believes education is a key weapon in the battle against racism and colorism. As such, he brings exhibits straight to the people in each of his ten murals immortalizing legendary Black personalities from his native Brazil. In the streets of Rio de Janeiro, you can find towering images of composers, activists, and babalorixás (priests/priestesses) of the Candomblé religion, originally of African origin. Each image serves to inspire new generations to take pride in Black consciousness and continue to fight the evil of racism.


(in Portuguese) Projeto eterniza personalidades negras nos muros do Rio

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Updated: Apr 2

Artist collective Casa Amarela believes it can. Based and birthed out of Morro da Providência, a favela (shanty town) in Rio de Janiero, the diverse membership of Casa Amarela aims to bring art, education, and culture to everyone--specifically the residents of the favela that serves as its inspiration. Founded by the somewhat mysterious and semi-anonymous French collage artist known simply as “JR” and Brazilian photographer Mauricio Hora, this non-profit organization provides not only classic art classes (drawing, painting, graffiti), but also offers courses in language, dance, yoga, and entrepreneurship for youth and adults.



Casa Amarela Providência // Introdução

Welcome to Casa Amarela — Can Art Change The World

Women Are Heroes, Brazil

Casa Amarela Providência // Se Eu Fosse Presidente (If I Were President)

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Lauded as a “breakthrough documentary” and the “Holy Grail of hip-hop movies”, the iconic status of Style Wars has only increased since its initial release at Sundance in 1983. Capturing a unique point in history before hip-hop culture entered the mainstream, the film gives the viewer an intimate look into the lives of New York City’s graffiti kings and b-boys. With dynamic art, an exuberant soundtrack and compelling humanity, Style Wars remains a groundbreaking film achievement.

Style Wars Is Still the Defining Documentary of Early Hip-Hop Culture

Style Wars | The Original Hip Hop Documentary

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