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Street art is ephemeral by nature, but the Urban Nation Museum seeks to provide a permanent home for the spirit that inspires it. Located in Berlin, the graffiti capital of Germany, the museum boasts a rotating collection of exhibits, unique architecture and on-site living quarters for artists-in-residence. Its ONE WALL initiative invites artists from all over the world to come to Berlin and share their vision via huge murals all over the city--both East and West. A recent example of ONE WALL is a work executed by the Swiss street artists BustArt and Sket185 entitled ‘Departure’, addressing the closing of the Tegel Airport. Painted in 2020, the mural spans 40 by 16 meters. This spectacular image reflects on the past with local air traffic, and the future without accessibility to an airport.



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Updated: Apr 2

Eye-catching murals are not the only things the Returning To School project aims to bring to Brazilian schoolrooms. Célio, the mononymous muralist, creator, and curator of Voltando à Escola, wants to evoke a sense of pride and curiosity in children. Lamenting the often “prison-like” appearance of many public schools, Célio and his group of street artists inject life, color and excitement into the school buildings, classrooms, and outdoor playground areas, fostering a deep sense of connection in the children who learn there. With 40 schools already beautified, Célio and his graffiti crew hope to expand their reach to all of Brazil.

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Voltando à Escola

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Updated: Apr 2

Tourists flock to Troutman Street in Brooklyn, NY for a chance to visit one of the most vibrant open-air galleries of street art in the world. Curated and conceived by Bushwick local Joe Ficalora, the project sprung from personal pain and tragedy. After the murder of his father and death of his mother, Joe sought to transmute his grief by transforming his neighborhood. Joe’s vision drew legendary graffiti artists like Blek Le Rat, Case Ma’Claim, and Pixel Pancho to create and showcase original works from corner to corner. Now a fully fledged non-profit, the Collective hosts a legendary block party each summer, invigorating local businesses while celebrating community.


The Bushwick Collective - Street Art NYC — Google Arts & Culture

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