EMI, 2020 

Tito Ferrara, Brazilian 

260.9 cm x 90 cm; 10.5 inches x 35 inches.

68 of 100, numbered, embossed and signed by the artist

Paper is Photo Rag Ultra Smooth, 100% cotton

Printed with mineral pigments with fine-art printing methods.

U$ 600 + tax and shipping


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This is a high quality  print of a massive graffiti work by Tito Ferrara which he painted on the side of a building in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  EMI, the cat, is being held by a veterinarian.  This was part of a campaign to encourage people to take cats to a veterinarian for a periodic check-up to ensure that the animal remains healthy as this practice is not so common with cats. This particular cat was owned by Tito’s family and he therefore used her for this portrayal. EMI was not taken to the vet on a routine basis as well. This painting was done during the virus situation and, because of the loneliness suffered by many people due to being forced to stay at home, the number of cats owned by Brazilians increased by 30% while the virus was in the streets.  Cats are very good companions when you are forced to stay at home!


Tito Ferrara painted the veterinarian and EMI  looking directly at the city, gaining immediate connection with the viewer and  bringing the message and the awareness in a very engaging way.  After all his work  is based on storytelling through portraits The cat is not of any definite breed. EMI is the poster child for all cats and, in fact, represents all domestic pets.  


Tito Ferrara worked in New York City and while here he painted a series of panels.  The first was entitled Amazonia Urbana and it is an image of a native Brazilian woman.  The work was done with the purpose of showing that the destruction of native civilizations in the United States is being repeated in Brazil.  He executed his works in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Toronto, London, Lisbon as well  as in numerous cities throughout Brazil.


EMI is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to: contact@urbanartrevolution.com


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