Cecilia Andre

Hill, 2017 

41x51cm or 16”x20” 

Mixed media. Oil & acrylic on fabric, vinyl, spiraled wire, nails and hemp cord.

Original and Unique artwork

Sold in Auction

“Hills”, the title of this work, visually takes Ms. Andre’s painting beyond the  frame by stretching the transparent, and in doing so, changes the  perimeter of the painting.  This work rather becomes a piece of sculpture due to this visual effect.  Also, the striking colors of the vinyl seem to create a noise that is both disturbing and pleasurable, at the same time.


“Instead of combining paints to create relationships between color and light, André brings pieces of fabrics, malleable plastic, and found objects together, juxtaposing their inherent characteristics. She borrows textures and colors, inviting the light that fills the gaps between materials, or that passes through translucent objects, to perforate the space inside the frame and touch its outside”, wrote curator Tatiane Schilaro.



Cecilia Andre was recently invited to create artwork for the Queens Botanical Garden in a  project developed as  part of the AnkhLave Garden Fellows Program. For this event, Cecilia produced art that was situated in the tree line in the Garden, allowing incidental sunlight to traverse color transparencies, which projected whimsical shadows onto the ground. Patches of color intensified or faded, depending on the sun’s intensity. Viewers were able to bathe in colored light and transform themselves under it. 


Please note that the artist has priced this work at a figure that is significantly below its true value.  She has done  this to help  support Group DOT BR, NY’s only Brazilian theatre company. 


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This artwork is in New York City and can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please send an email to artoftodayauction@gmail.com.


Cecilia Andre website:  https://ceciliaandre.com/  

Queen Botanical Garden exhibition: https://queensbotanical.org/ankhlave/  

Ankhlave organization website: https://www.ankhlave.org/ankhlave-garden-project.html

Film about her project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPMBrXtRrP8&feature=youtu.be

Artwork in Nature Brings Colored Shades and Expressions of the Feminine Craft of the Past

https://www.licartists.org/cecilia-andreArtwork in Nature Brings Colored Shades and Expressions of the Feminine Craft of the Past


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