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Clarice Lispector, 2015

Paulo Govea, Brazilian

U$ 100 + tax and shipping


19,78 x 19,78" | 51 x 51 cm


Prints hand-signed by the artist on Clarice Lispector’s Centennial Seal

  About the Artwork  

The print above depicts the painting originally and exclusively created by  Paulo Govea in 2015 to help Group Dot BR raise funds for the show, 'Inside the Wild Heart.'  Later on, the image became the identity and one of the centerpieces of the actual show. In celebration of Clarice Lispector’s centennial, Paulo offers a special sealed edition, signed and dated by the artist.

Paulo Govea’s art involves what he calls “a synthesis of people and historic moments”. In 'Adding Up Incomprehensions,' he takes the only interview given by Clarice to TV Cultura in 1977, synthesizes some of the elements of her writing and her identity, and takes a step further by adding tattoos on Clarice's body with elements such as: 1. The Ukrainian birds in reference to her birthplace; 2. The 13 gunshots mentioned in her short story, Mineirinho; 3. The lily flower in reference to her last name meaning “Lis no peito” (Lily on the chest); 4. The Star of David in reference to her being Jewish; and 5. The name Aya (Clarice’s birth name before coming to Brazil).


The elements shown outside of her body - the rat, the cockroach, and the egg - are taken directly from the short stories, 'The Egg and The Chicken,' 'The Fifth Story,' and 'Forgiving God.' These elements become a constant reflection throughout Clarice's body of work and Paulo’s intuition aligns itself perfectly with that of Clarice. In a way, it is as if he puts Clarice’s words in the form of visual art, making this piece a psychological encapsulation of what hovers throughout Lispector’s world.


Paulo Govêa is known internationally and has produced exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and in the United States. In his very unique way of stylizing his characters, we may note that his stylistic identity coexists harmoniously with broad and comprehensive subjects of the mass culture. Among the several sources of inspiration of the artist, some of his works show a surrealistic touch with an uncommon manner in which elements are arranged.  The artist plays with the object-background relationship, transforming the characters into a stage for patterns and figures that propose another form of representation of the individuals. With color, coherence, and creativity, Paulo Govêa gives us a production that is increasingly maturing and rich in terms of forms and meaning. 


“Govea’s art is immediately distinguishable by the unique styling of his characters, which harmoniously blends broad subjects of mass culture. Rich in color, detail and creativity, Govêa’s work also reflects surrealistic influences”


To buy these prints signed by the artist Paulo Govea especially for the centenary of Clarice Lispector please send an email to Debora at


100% of this sale is for the Groupo.BR, the only Brazilian theater company in New York. Visit their website:

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 About the Artist 

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