Paulo Govêa, Brazilian

 Boi de Piranha, 2019 

Acrylic on Canvas

120x80cm or 47"x31.5”

Original and Unique artwork.

This original and unique artwork, “The Brazilian expression “boi de piranha” refers to something or someone that is sacrificed so that another person is alleviated from a difficulty or from blame. In the great plains of Brazil, where herds of a million cows roam land that spans areas greater than countries, it is surprising how few dangers lie in their wake.  And so if you want to shift the blame in Brazil, you need yourself a piranha cow, definitely not a scapegoat” (1).


The  painting shows a woman in the water representing the cow that is being sacrificed to the piranhas to allow the rest of the herd to cross the water safely. In reality the painting is a political statement referring to  politicians who  willingly use something or someone in order to divert attention from the fraud that they are committing. At the bottom of the river lies a Statue of Liberty. 

Paulo Govêa is known internationally and has produced exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and in the United States. In his very unique way of stylizing his characters, we may note that his stylistic identity coexists harmoniously with broad and comprehensive subjects of the mass culture. Among the several sources of inspiration of the artist, some of his works show a surrealistic touch with an uncommon manner in which elements are arranged.  The artist plays with the object-background relationship, transforming the characters into a stage for patterns and figures that propose another form of representation of the individuals. With color, coherence, and creativity, Paulo Govêa gives us a production that is increasingly maturing and rich in terms of forms and meaning. 


“Govea’s art is immediately distinguishable by the unique styling of his characters, which harmoniously blends broad subjects of mass culture. Rich in color, detail and creativity, Govêa’s work also reflects surrealistic influences” (


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