Can Art Change the World? Casa Amarela

Updated: Apr 2

Artist collective Casa Amarela believes it can. Based and birthed out of Morro da Providência, a favela (shanty town) in Rio de Janiero, the diverse membership of Casa Amarela aims to bring art, education, and culture to everyone--specifically the residents of the favela that serves as its inspiration. Founded by the somewhat mysterious and semi-anonymous French collage artist known simply as “JR” and Brazilian photographer Mauricio Hora, this non-profit organization provides not only classic art classes (drawing, painting, graffiti), but also offers courses in language, dance, yoga, and entrepreneurship for youth and adults.



Casa Amarela Providência // Introdução

Welcome to Casa Amarela — Can Art Change The World

Women Are Heroes, Brazil

Casa Amarela Providência // Se Eu Fosse Presidente (If I Were President)

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