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The Covidson, 2020

Mundando, Brazil Artivist

U$ 500 + tax and shipping


33.11 x  23.38" | 84,1 x 59,4 cm



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  About the artwork  

“A kind of quarantine diary… There were countless hours of work using archival and acrylic pens.” Mundano 

The Covidsons was created from a damaged poster of the city of Springfield by @thesimpsons found in the trash by a scavenger in 2019. Mundano bought frames to reuse for these discarded arts. In 2020, during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mundano was organizing his atelier when he found the poster. He removed the broken frame and glass and during the month of May of that year, unable to make his art on the streets due to social isolation, he began one of his longest production processes. He removed and added elements of Matt Groening's depiction of 'Springfield' to represent the real events taking place in Brazil and the United States. 


The photo used for printing is over 900mb and was a meticulous work by photojournalist João Leocci who is also part of @birico_arte and Thiago Dragoni who compiled several photos to get as much detail as possible.


*5 units were sold in a special pre-sale and the resource was 100% donated to @Birico_arte who carried out actions in Cracolândia for artistic residency and support for people in vulnerability in the territory. Parede Viva Store

 About the artist 


@mundano_sp is a Brazilian street artist and activist = ARTivist whose bold and colorful arts are a call to people’s attention to social, environmental and political issues. He is the founder of the movement to make the work of trash collectors in Brazil visible: @pimpmycarroca and “Cactus and Resistance Planter” @catakiapp. Mundano is part of the NGO Ashoka, TED Fellow, founder and awarded in the area of public art, human rights, creativity and digital innovation.

Instagram: @mundao_sp (movement to provide a vital service that benefits all recycle/junk collectors, from nearly invisible as they roam the streets through technology, art and support)

@catakiapp (app to call a nearer recycle/junk collectors)

Burnt Jaguar is in New York City and it can be viewed in person, by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:


The sale of this original and iconic artwork will be divided to:  @pimpmycarrroca 

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